Ready to Partner with a Professional Home Remodeling Contractor Near Charlottesville, VA?

Our Remodeling Advantage

Hiring the right remodeling expert can really go a long way to making your home truly look and feel like it’s uniquely yours. At Arcadia Builders, we’ve been specializing in custom kitchens, custom bathrooms, new patios, home offices, guest bedrooms, and more across the greater Charlottesville, VA community for years.

We can work with near-finalized plans that our clients provide just as easily as we can develop custom floor plans that meet your personal aesthetic and everyday lifestyle. And if the environment and the natural beauty of your property is of utmost concern to you, Arcadia Builders is proud to be a certified Earth-Craft home builder, using green, energy efficient building materials and responsible construction practices to bring your project to perfection.

Custom Kitchens & Bathrooms

Trust the Remodeling Experts at Arcadia Builders

Our most requested remodeling projects generally involve the kitchen or bathroom, and Arcadia Builders is proud to have many years of experience in this field. When it comes to residential kitchens, our team has access to premium products and furnishings that elevate your cooking, hosting, and entertaining potential.

Our ergonomic designs and premium furnishings will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. And if you’re looking to remodel a bathroom, Arcadia Builders can transform your space into a private luxury spa experience! From natural stone tiling and atmospheric lighting to stylized glass doors and shower spaces, the remodeling possibilities are endless with Arcadia Builders!


“We absolutely love our Arcadia-built house! Domenico has a great sense of style that he brings to his design work. Being highly organized, the construction proceeded at a brisk pace and rarely did a day go by when, if not one, multiple tradesmen were hard at work. And, we were never overcharged for change orders.”

“I recently selected Arcadia Builders for my latest building project and it was the best decision I made. Domenico and his crew did most of the work themselves. This allowed the work to progress at a faster pace with good transitions from one phase to the next. I noticed right away the attention to detail that Domenico took with everything he did.”

Michael C.

David R.